Sunday, January 24, 2010

10w4d and counting

I'm sorry I've been so bad about posting an update. My long-prayed-for nausea is in full swing, so I've been lying still a lot lately and have been online a lot less.

We saw my OBGYN last week at 10 weeks. He did bloodwork, etc., but wasn't planning on doing an ultrasound until I pressed for it. So he ended up doing a quick one--we got to see our little Bean moving around in there, which was amazing. It was measuring 3 days behind, which really upset me at the time since it's been 100% on track up until then. But the OBGYN reassured me that plus or minus a few days is OK at this point. I hope he's right.

We go in on Feb. 4 to see a genetic doc for our first trimester genetic screening. Considering my age, that's our next big hurdle.

Other than that, I still wake up every day in shock that I'm still pregnant. The nausea/vomiting is reassuring, but I think I've finally hit the breaking point where I'm going to have to ask my doc for some drugs. I've been trying to avoid them, but last night I was up until 7 a.m. because I felt too sick to sleep. Plus I can't keep my prenatal vitamins down (I started taking folic acid separately since that doesn't seem to make me vomit). I feel so guilty when I complain about feeling bad. If this little guy makes it, it will be so worth it!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

our best ultrasound ever...

Today we saw our little bean measuring right on track at 8 weeks, with a good strong heartbeat of 164. We are still in happy shock. I've never had a 100% good u/s before! We got released back to my obgyn (also a first), and we see him in 2 weeks.

We're trying to remember that there is a long road ahead and a lot that can still go wrong, but are feeling so hopeful. The RE said considering my age (42) our next big hurdle is genetic testing.

There seems to be confusion about the SCH/bleed...the u/s tech we saw last week saw one. The tech this week saw what she thinks might be a non-developing 3rd sac (the thing we saw at the first u/s) and a fibroid, but no bleed. The RE said no exercise, but I'm OK for normal activity otherwise.

Our little one has a head, and arm and leg buds. I'm just in awe.