Sunday, September 27, 2009


Well, as expected, this pregnancy didn't go anywhere. My repeat beta was down to something like 3, and I started to bleed that afternoon.

The same day we had an appt. with RE#2, who is recommending Clomid + IUI. We're so frustrated. I thought having just turned 42 and having a blocked tube would fast-track us to IVF, but RE#2 is pretty sure our ins. co. will want us to do some Clomid rounds first.

So unless I'm one of those miracle cases that produces tons of eggs on Clomid (has anyone had that experience? Most people I know just get one.), there's a good chance I'll be doing Clomid + IUI even on months when I'm ovulating on my blocked tube side, which is pretty close to pointless.

I'll be duking it out on the phone with the insurance co. next week.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

slightly pregnant

Once again, I'm slightly pregnant.

I was out of town this weeked, and got light lines on FRER on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The fact that they weren't getting any darker didn't give me much confidence, but I went for a beta Monday.

It was only 12.3, and my progesterone was only 2.

My RE is pretty sure it's a chemical pg and so am I, but I'm going back for beta #2 tomorrow just to be sure. We're also having our consult with the new RE tomorrow, so I'm hoping he has some ideas for the future.

We spent the weekend at a lakehouse with friends, all of whom don't have kids yet. A couple with kids came up for one of the nights, and it really changed the dynamic so much. We went from staring peacefully at the lake and listening to crickets to listening to kids scream, listening to their mom yell at them to not go in the water too deep, throw rocks, drown each other, run into the fire pit, set things on fire, dive off the pier into shallow water, pull hair, well, you get the idea. And these are GOOD kids. It made me wonder why we are doing all this...I love to relax. I love peace and quiet. I hate yelling. Why am I trying so hard to have a baby?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Results are almost in

We got my FSH back, and it was 8.something. Which sounded good, until we got my E2 which was 82. DH got his SA done this week too, so once those results are back we'll meet with RE #2 next week and maybe we'll FINALLY have a new plan.

We are trying naturally in the meantime, and even though I'm only 9DPO I'm already POASing like crazy.