Friday, February 5, 2010

12 weeks 2 days

Our 1st tri screening yesterday went really well! My risk for trisomy 13/18 is the same as a 28-year-old's, and my risk for Down Syndrome is the same as a 33-year-old. Based on that they are just recommending that we do another bloodwork screening between 15-18 weeks, but they don't recommend anything else for the time being.

The Bean was measuring right on track (actually a day ahead). I didn't get to see him/her much b/c I couldn't see the u/s screen, but DH had a better view and got to see a lot more. They showed me the baby at the end, but by then it was done moving so I just got to see it lying stil.

I'm still just in such shock that this one might really make it. I'm not sure when it will sink in!


  1. Excellent news! Hope the next 28 weeks go very smoothly!

  2. Great news! SO glad to hear it.

    Also, check out my blog. I nominated you for an award.

  3. Ah, I love your wonderful updates and always wait with eager anticipation for the next one! I'm so happy that everything continues to move forward according to plan. Yay lil' bean!!